Justice For Kashmir (JFK) is dedicated to advocating the rights of Kashmiri people and raising awareness against the injustice, crimes and atrocities being committed in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Justice For Kashmir is a non-profit organization whose mission is to seek strong support from elected officials, build important relationships around the World & in the US Congress, urging them to use their diplomatic & economic leverage to persuade India to fulfill its commitment to the people of KASHMIR.

Kashmiris are not alone in the world

Former US Presidential Candidate and Senator Kamala Harris


Former US Presidential Candidate & Senator Cory Booker expresses concern over the conditions in Indian Occupied Kashmir and urges the US to become the voice for the oppressed.

“We are a nation that stands for values whether its freedom of expression, whether its freedom of speech and to be silent when challenges are going on whether they are in Kashmir, whether with Uighurs in China, we must speak up with a collective voice for human rights and for the well-being of all peoples. It’s a service to democracy when people are not silent and speak up for these values.”
– Former US Presidential Candidate & Senator Cory Booker

Kashmiri diaspora protests at Hollywood Boulevard against Human Rights Violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir